After several years of not maintaining this blog, I am back. Twitter took me away, but Twitter is not the same site now as it was then, so I need another outlet.

I have a lot of stories in reserve and have recently updated the posts and links and will be adding more. The majority of links are nostalgic, but there are a lot of others to useful information of today. Check them out and you’ll see.

The best way to navigate this site is via the menu to the left. Find what is of interest and click on it. As you scroll down, the stories/posts are first, followed by videos, more posts, links categorized for your convenience and more posts.

I upgraded my account, so you are not attacked by ads.  I don’t want to monetize my blog since it is my baby and I want you to stop by.  I plan to write until I can no longer.

Thank you.

With love,

Bake My Fish

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