After reading this, please don’t form an angry mob outside my house brandishing pitchforks, torches, sickles, and lanterns. There’s no right or wrong position being espoused here. I’m just sayin’ . . . .

Charles Manson is well known for his cult following of marauding murderers and sadistic killers. He had a way of convincing some folks to snuff out lives indiscriminately, without conscience. Fortunately, he died on November 19, 2017, so for some sickos, their martyr is gone.

Don’t you think it’s strange we have a goofy rabbit, sometimes referred to as Peter Cottontail, who (as the folklore goes) carries a basket filled with colored eggs, chocolate images of himself and jellybeans (shaped like eggs) and delivers them to children on a day that celebrates the resurrection from the dead of the executed savior, Jesus Christ? I don’t quite understand the correlation of the two, but I assume when the Easter Bunny was conceived, some thought went into associating his origin with the death of the Messiah.

In its infancy, Christianity was considered a personality cult. Throughout history, many people were killed by the followers of Jesus. The difference is it was not at his bidding, whereas Charlie Manson commanded his people to rain mayhem down upon unsuspecting souls. Christ couldn’t know what was going on (as he was dead), even though those doing the killing and torturing declared they were doing so “in his name.” Was Peter (the rabbit) created as a sort of soothing distraction? Who could blame a cute little bunny, giving away treats, for any indiscretions of the past? I’m sure anyone being tortured during the Spanish Inquisition did not have furry little critters dancing in their heads. They were just a little busy croaking.

There were several phases of inquisitive behavior (1184 – 1860); however, the Spanish Inquisition (1478 – 1834) is considered by historians the most notorious of them all; quite a blemish on the permanent record of influential distributors of The Word. There is not much mention of it during contemporary sermons. It’s better to forget and let bygones be bygones. After all, those who were involved are no longer available for interviews, and descendants can’t change whatever an ancestor considered appropriate.

Although the episode was referenced by many at the time as a “cleansing of souls,” it is argued to have been an economic grab bag, “unofficially” endorsed by the Spanish Monarchy to beef up a depleted Treasury, whose bills were coming due. The Horror Show began as a campaign to rid the land of non-believers and establish the Catholic Church as the one true religion.

But a big factor in its intensified purpose was the King of Spain owed lots of coin to Jewish merchants and money lenders, who helped finance overseas exploration and military campaigns (the Crusades), expecting to eventually be repaid. Because the King’s cupboard was bare, the best way to avoid paying back the loans was to force the Jews to become Christians, and if they refused (which most did) they would be killed under torture and their estates surrendered to the Church state. It was a win/win. If the Jews converted, they would donate a hefty portion of their funds to the Church state and if they didn’t, the money became Church state property upon their expiration.

Apparently, the fun part for the Inquisitors was the torture. They developed Torture Devices that no Confessor could ever withstand. Anyone subjected to these confession-letting tools eventually agreed they were heretics or would become Conversos, or died before they could. It’s interesting to note that several of the torturous contraptions had some underlying sexual perversion (hmmmm) associated with them. Some were attached to genitalia or inserted in orifices normally used for sexual activity or expulsion of bodily fluids and waste. I can picture in my mind a Church official wringing his hands while slobbering on his bib during the confessional ceremonies, enjoying the suffering of the soon-to-be convert or corpse (maybe that’s why they wore the long robes). Once they were done with Jews and heretics, the Inquisitors turned to witches, which gave them even more opportunity to indulge their sexual repression.

As a youngster, Easter meant coloring eggs, eating chocolate, a new suit from either Robert Hall in Suitland or Hecht’s Bargain Basement in Marlow Heights, those colored chicks from the 5 & 10 in Capitol Heights that always died within a week, and pancake breakfast at the First Baptist Church on 57th Avenue. Then there was fidgeting through the preacher’s talk about Christ and why we celebrate Easter, but all that went over my head because I couldn’t wait to get home to find the hidden eggs. I bet more children overdosed on hard-boiled eggs during that time of year than any other. The eventual flatulence was cause for celebration as each kid tried to out-toot the other. It was a grand time, followed by several days out of school. So, what about Jesus? Lost in the childish celebration of Easter is the reason for the holiday.

The Spanish Inquisition was evil, regardless of how it was perceived while taking place. Hindsight and our evolving mores tell us that something like that should not have happened. But it did. The views of torture and execution change with the times. Anyone subjected to the Inquisitors would think Abu Ghraib was like summer camp.

It’s over and done with and we just have to live with the fact it ever occurred. Fanatic following of any personality can lead to evil and multiple deaths of innocents. It just has to be kept in check. We can declare all the holidays we want to make it seem better, but it can’t erase the past. Charles Manson should never be forgiven. His victims can’t speak out for themselves. Neither can those who suffered during the Inquisition.

I’m just sayin’ . . . .

With Love,

Bake My Fish

8 thoughts on “Charles Manson vs. Peter Cottontail

  1. Hi Mr. Fish! I’m your new Twitter friend. YOU are funny.

    As far as the Easter bunny and all his accoutrements, I think it’s an adaptation of a Pagan tradition, just as an awful lot of our secular traditions associated with Christian holidays are. I just like the Reese’s eggs.

    Happy Non-Specific Springtime Holiday,

    Laurie @ Foolery

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  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Within the post there is a link to a Wikipedia explanation of the Easter Bunny. With this particular WordPress theme, the links are not underlined, but of a different color. The whole egg, rabbits, chickens, etc. apparently has to do with fertility, and those nasty Pagans always seemed to somehow work sex into their rituals. Nasty buggers.

    I guess the way the two things are related is the Resurrection is the rebirth, and the fertility has to do with the egg. I think there should be a change and have the two events more closely related and clearer to us by preaching Jesus was hatched from an egg. Then we can kill two birds with one stone. But, then everyone would argue about who came first. =)


  3. Based on what I found doing research on the magic box (Google) it appears the name “Easter” is from the Anglo-Saxon goddess called Eostre, who was always seen along with her pet bunny rabbit.

    I am guessing that although the egg symbol was tied to the theme of spring and a new beggining, that the tradition of Easter Eggs was a result of Catholics not being able to eat eggs during lent.

    Much in the way that during lent you ate Fish on Friday (possibly Baked), which supported the fishing trade, I am guessing the tradition of Eggs for Easter was to help farmers who could not sell their production during lent.

    As for the comparison of Manson and his followers and Jesus and his followers, I think it is worthy to note that Manson was a life long criminal who briefly tried to re-invent himself in the music world in the 60’s. He actually wrote a song for the Beach Boys before the bad things started happening. ( Based on this you could say that Jesus was to the Spanish Inquisition what the Beach Boys were to Charlie Manson?

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  4. Thanks JT, for your research. The link to Wikipedia (of course, Wikipedia is not always considered the best source) within the post does refer to Easter as having a Pagan origin. My intention was not so much to compare Jesus to Charles Manson, but to demonstrate how fanatical following can go awry, when the acceptance is sanctioned and on a large scale (Hitler). We are disgusted by Charles Manson, yet forgive the atrocities in the name of religion. Don’t forget that the discovery of the New World (which took place during the Spanish Inquisition) led to even more abuse, with the killing, maiming and genocide of native populations in an effort to get them to become good Christians (and to take their gold and goodies). Plus, Chuckie Manson’s murder spree is of the Boomer Generation, and this is a Boomer Blog.

    I assume Jesus would not have approved of the Inquisition, because he was a peace-loving fellow and would most likely have found the methods of confession-extracting not to his taste.

    I also wanted to ridicule the Easter celebration as it now occurs, because I doubt the devouring of eggs, chocolate and jelly beans is really what was intended when the recognition of the resurrection was first instituted as a Holy period. Personally, I am not particularly devout, but do feel that the intended purpose has been corrupted by commercial interests. Chocolate seems to work its way into every holiday.


  5. Interesting blog, hope the mobs don’t form. I always wondered where the EB folklore came from. Christmas gift giving, although commercially exaggerated over the years, seems to have some basis in the gifts of the three wise men…doubt Jesus got an Easter basket at any point in his life. BTW, the pic w/the Easter bunny and the little kid….very disturbing. I would run from this bunny myself!!!

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  6. Ha ha. I love your blog! Very interesting tidbits indeed. 🙂 I would write more but seeing as how I’ve already blasted Easter in my blog this weekend I’ll lay low, lest Christ throws a chocolate bunny at my head from heaven.

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