See the suitcase? That’s mine. Only blue. Don’t laugh. I’m serious. What do I know? I haven’t required a big suitcase in eight years. On my business trip to Florida in 2008, a larger than usual piece of luggage was necessary, so I ventured to the basement, cleaned up the familiar Samsonite and went about my business.

I like the handle and wheels, which makes it easy to lug. Nothing can penetrate it. And it makes a good seat if necessary. My wife added a red ribbon to the handle for easy identification among all the other blue luggage that was populating airports in the 90s. Finding my bag was not a problem in February of 2008.

When we arrived in Ft. Myers, one of the cooler guys in our group saw the case coming down the chute and commented (not knowing it was mine) about the old commercial with the gorilla jumping on the luggage. He was having quite a chuckle. Then I walked over to retrieve it and he laughed. We both did. It was really funny. I had no idea of the archaic nature of my satchel.

Further ridicule was set aside during the stay at the hotel, since the satchel was hidden in my room. Then came the day we had to leave. Everyone had their luggage in our meeting room due to checkout requirements. My trusty Samsonite looked like a broken thumb among all the other clothing luggers. It escaped my notice, because I was trying to learn my trade and was blubbering through role play. Then we had to go to the airport and Sammy would be alone among more common conveyances.

After returning to Baltimore, we had to pick up our bags. Not as many people noticed during the trip to Florida, but back in Baltimore, the Samsonite looked silly among all the other cases. The red ribbon had no place. “Poor Little Sammy” couldn’t be mistaken. There it was with the solid handle, waiting for my touch. I thought, “Maybe I can let it go around the carousel a bit and no one will notice (and honestly I didn’t want people to set their sights on the sissy ribbon).” But no, my friend had to yell, “Here comes your bag!” as he laughed his ass off.

The most biting rib was, “Bake, Bake, Bake, Bake. That’s the same suitcase my parents used to have.” That was particularly funny, and I laughed, while slinky, ferret-like snatching my case from the conveyor. “Yeah, it’s mine” I thought in a decidedly dorky moment, fumbling with the bag and trying to get it quickly out of sight.

Alright, so trendsetting is not my forte, but I really was naively unaware Sammy was ancient. Sure, the luggage in the stores all seemed to be the soft baggage. I was not devoting an inordinate amount of time to thinking about the change, because I wasn’t looking to make a purchase. The transition to soft suitcases (if that’s what you call them) caught me by surprise.

I’m sure the embarrassment of being the only turd in the entire airport of two cities to be toting around the Samsonite bag will eventually subside. It will not fester in my craw for eternity.

It’s OK. I enjoy a good laugh. Even at my expense. But we will be buying the soft stuff for the May trip.

With Love,

Bake My Fish

6 thoughts on “Mine Is Blue

  1. Be careful what you wish for…

    You can buy the Chinese made soft bag, like I did, use it three times and watch it break.

    Old school is in BABY!!


  2. That was too funny.

    I have a light blue Sammy I got as a gift from my parents for graduation. I think Sammy is still downstairs at my Mom’s house. I may get him out of the closet and start using him again. Who in the world would ever think of stealing or even opening Sammy? They would look at it and think, “Wow who ever owns that suitcase must not have any money. They can’t afford an updated one.”

    Great idea Bake.



  3. Everybody has a soft bag and it makes it hard to pick out amoung all the other bags. Because of this I painted butterflies and dragonflies on mine. Everywhere I go people ask me where I got my bags. When I tell them I painted them myself, they ask me how much to paint theirs. LOL. I could make it a business. And best part is…I don’t have a ribbon on my handle HEHE


  4. That was hilarious. Whatever you do, don’t get rid of the blue suitcases. I want them. They remind me of when I was a kid. You say there were several when you traveled in the 90’s. I think you are mistaken. It’s more likely in the 70’s and early 80’s.

    Also, please feel free to change the toilet paper rolls to your liking. The guest bathroom upstairs is broken, so the roll is on the back of the toilet. You can change the one downstairs. LOLOLOLOL


  5. Just read a bit of your blog….

    Just my opinion, but I kinda like that you use an old blue sammy case – makes you unique. I seriously think that the advent of soft cases was brought on by the airline industry just so they could jam more into the cargo hold and smash and break anything of value inside!

    My brand new soft case (my old suitcase had no wheels at all so I really had to) was torn on its very first flight.

    Stay blue.


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