If you are looking for a Boomer reference in this post, you won’t find it. The Blog is titled Boomer Twilight; therefore, I apologize for failing in my expressed purpose.

There is this fellow named Paul Potts. He was born in 1970, which means he doesn’t qualify as a Boomer. I suppose the fact Pol Pot was mentioned in an effort to be quirky, qualifies as some skewed Boomer view, since Pol Pot was a Cambodian menace during the Vietnam War-era. But I am officially obsessed with Paul Potts. Here is a video of his audition for “America’s Got Talent.”  Grab a hanky.

America’s Got Talent is a phenomenon. I never watched it. My evaluation of the show was based strictly on the quick blurbs obtained from clips on TV. Simon always seemed mean and rude. Maybe he is. Paul Potts brought out the best in Simon, so maybe he’s not.

I have also not been a fan of Opera. No particular reason. Just never paid much attention and I don’t own a tux. Paul Potts has made me a fan. His album just came out, and I’ll either buy it or steal it on the Internet. Pavarotti died recently. Perhaps we have his replacement. Sorry . . . Paul’s not Italian. Isn’t that kind of blasphemous?

Paul is an inspiration. A short, chubby chap from Wales, with bad teeth and lacking confidence, who sells mobile phones (until now). Kudos to Paul for overcoming all this. When you hear his voice there is just no possible way you cannot be impressed. I have watched the video many, many times and I get misty every time. I mean every time. He ended up winning “Britain’s Got Talent” and is now a star. He has appeared on the Today Show (with backup singers), Ellen DeGeneres and several others of which I am not sure (probably Larry King). The point is, Paul has made it despite the odds.

In every interview I have seen, Paul Potts comes across as this real kind, unassuming, gentle, humble guy, who loves his wife. Hopefully the success he will realize as a star doesn’t change him for the worse. My guess is he will continue to be Paul Potts, provided his handlers let him be normal. You know the vultures are lining up to get a piece, and they will pick at him like Magpies on roadkill.

Please Paul, stay real and continue to please the world with your voice.

With Love,

Bake My Fish

P. S. Paul Potts now.

One thought on “I Know Paul Potts and He’s No Pol Pot

  1. I agree, he is amazing and a great
    inspiration. Also, on the one British Talk show that had his wife
    and he on it, she is ENORMOUS. Hopefully, Paul will continue to enjoy the ride!

    Bake that fish!


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