On my way to the office most mornings, I stop at the 7-11 in Randallstown, at the corner of Offutt and Liberty Road. They have the energy-fusioned coffee (and there are no Wawas around), so I get a 20-ounce cup and continue my journey to work. I would consider this routine.

Two really nice African American fellows are usually hanging out in front of the store. They appear to be in their mid-to-late 50s. Maybe retired. They greet me every time I stop with a sincere, “How are you this morning?” Very friendly and personable. Many people stop to chat with them, and they seem to know everybody.

Lately I have been bothered by nausea. It comes and goes. Sometimes it is enough of a problem to cause me to rest more than preferred. The other day, on my way to the office I decided to stop at the 7-11 for a cup of coffee. After parking my car, I got out and waved at the two guys as they greeted me. Then I leaned over into the grassy knoll and heaved. I’m talking Blanch! It came on so quickly I didn’t know what the hell to think. But the 7-11 Greeters were concerned. “Are you OK? Is everything all right?” Man, this was embarrassing. I was blowing my breakfast-less entrails in front of someone who knows me and is not family.

My purging did not cause me to nix the coffee. I went inside in a somewhat shaky State of Being and continued my routine of huddling around the coffee station and preparing my beverage. “Excuse me. Pardon me,” I droned on with my drink-mixing maneuvers, meandering my way around multiple hands reaching for the sweeteners. While stirring my container of caffeine, I eyed the donuts nearby. They looked good, but evil. My better judgement forced me to pass.

Depositing my innards on morning dew-covered grass is not an activity I relish. But I love getting my morning caffeine fix.

I’m not sure what to assume with regard to the nausea thing. Being a Boomer, I really don’t want to know. All bodily weird things seem to happen within our Scheme of Age, so I’ll just let it rest.

But I really do love the 7-11 coffee. Starbucks, you are on notice.

With Love,

Bake My Fish

One thought on “Hurling at the 7-11

  1. Dear eater of the e–vil donut….So if you want to deny that you are probably pregnant, that is your choice and time will tell all. However, I will use my “right to choose” to advise you to see a doctor right away.

    We all know that the “man” (grunt- grunt) will not concede to medical help until he can no longer be helped, just kept comfortable. This peeves the family and those who love him.

    My experience with nausea has been that it is a definite prelude to a body change that needs to be acknowledged. (WARNING: This list may mirror the side effects listed for medicines, marketed through your television.)

    Throughout my life, nausea had indicated the following; virus, flu, mononucleosis, poison, bay leaf stuck in throat, accidental or unprecedented alcohol or drug sensitivity, migraines, low pain threshold, RCB Woods, pregnancy, cancer and chemotherapy.

    Don’t be someone’s unnecessary hardship. Get the source of your nausea identified and eliminated. ASAP. Or you will be hailed “A SAP”.

    There are no kudos for the reactive, just the proactive. We love you and the world has too many people that need, not just want, but need to bake your fish.

    Besides your wife, kids, friends, dog and furry woodland creatures, who loves you baby?


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