Now, don’t snicker when you read this. I’m here to discuss a serious matter. It’s not the end of the world, but to some men it may seem that way. Macho no mo’ is not a reason to jump off a bridge or drive your car into a wall. There is hope. You can get assistance from several sources. Medication is available; although it’s quite expensive. And, not covered by Health Care plans. They consider it a luxury drug, meant to solve a luxury-less problem; unnecessary in the eyes of those determining what to allow. They’re probably not getting any, so it doesn’t matter to them. Spending all their waking moments finding ways to deny coverage leaves little time for romance.

Research indicates there are several causes of libido malfunction: smoking; diabetes; high cholesterol; too much alcohol (when was the last time you were drunk and the man?); high blood pressure; venous leak; depression; and a tiny wee wee. There are several other reasons, and most likely some yet to be discovered. Basically, any condition causing restricted blood flow can be the culprit. After all, it’s an organ, not a bone.

Much money is being made providing chemical solutions to men suffering from this traumatic experience. The drug companies developed at least three pills, and many herbal enhancements to keep the motor running. There are creams, devices, implants, and other remedies to make it possible for afflicted males to enjoy continued activity with the “love of their life.”

The most interesting, yet frightening remedy is a potential cure based on the venom of an aggressive and extremely deadly creature . . . . the Brazilian wandering spider. Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me to inject poison or any other potentially paralyzing agent into the body for the sake of six or seven minutes of “Oooo, baby, baby” is a bit risky. Pass on the spider toxin. Temporary rigidity isn’t worth chancing permanent paralysis.

If you are having difficulties, and the woman in your life is becoming frustrated with your inability to be her ideal mate, see your doctor or therapist for relief. They’ll gladly give you samples of medication and a prescription. Don’t be embarrassed to ask. The pharmaceutical companies give the samples to the doctor to be handed out. They want you to be hooked on their new miracle drugs. No one is complaining about the cost of the product, because they don’t want to admit they’re users. It’s like the first time a guy thinks of a vasectomy. The thought goes through his head, “Will this be the end? Will I be impotent from this procedure?” Guys have difficulty thinking they are less than virile. Either you take something or continue making love with a rope.

If you need it, just ask the physician. Maybe they’ll even give you a badge to wear proudly to proclaim your allegiance to taking care of business. It is estimated that 30 million men suffer from this syndrome. During football season it grows to about 40 million. The increase is most likely caused by excess alcohol, overeating, lack of attention, and many other conditions resulting from six months of College and NFL football TV viewing (including preseason games).

Well, I gotta run. The game’s on, and I need to pour a cocktail so I can take this little blue pill. She’s waiting for me, and both should have kicked-in by halftime.

With Love,

Bake My Fish

4 thoughts on “What’s That In Your Pocket?

  1. you’re making assumptions about the vasectomy. a lot of guys want them but doctors are quite reluctant to perform them before you’re 35 unless you already have kids.


  2. You may have something there, but many men do in fact feel that a vasectomy will somehow threaten their manhood. I had mine when I was 24 and at that time it was a fairly new surgery (1974). Because of health concerns my ex-wife was instructed not to get pregnant again, and the IUD was not a reliable method of birth control. So, I had the old “snip, snip.” Of course, we already had two children and I thought we would remain married, and preventing future children was not a concern. Fortunately, my present (and last) wife knew going into the marriage there would be no children and she was OK with it. Our dog is our child.

    I guess that’s maybe too much information.

    Since you seem to be enjoying my Blog, there is one post on here called A Coked-up Wedding you may like. I can’t figure out how to post the link in comments, but if you scroll down the sidebar, you will see a picture of my son and I under the title. Just click on the picture, and it’ll take you to the post.

    Thanks for participating.


  3. nah, there’s no point to this if we don’t share a lot. and you are right, there are a lot of guys who do think “shooting blanks” will make them less of a man or that it might affect your sex drive.

    I’m not really sure why it’s not covered more in human sexuality/health classes. So busy scaring the crap out of you I guess they’re not busy trying to help people make the right decisions.

    I’ll check out your other story. Thanks for the tip.


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